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Are Colon Cleansing Pills Safe?

Are Colon Cleansing Pills Safe?

Colon cleansing pills are designed to help clear out your gastrointestinal tract, remove built-up toxins and relieve bloating, constipation. There are a variety of colon cleansing pills on the market that vary in terms of their efficacy and ingredients. Their formulations can include ingredients such as laxative herbs, fibre, magnesium, sodium phosphate, probiotics and enzymes. The safety and effectiveness of the colon cleanser will largely depend on the ingredients present. In general, colon cleansing pills that use natural ingredients are safer and gentler on the body than pills that use artificial ingredients. It’s always important to follow the dosage instructions carefully to avoid nasty side effects. However, rest assured if you’re taking a quality natural colon cleansing pill according to the instructions, they are safe and can be beneficial to your overall health.


Do Colon Cleansing Pills Work?

Colon cleansing pills clears waste from your colon by encouraging the gradual flushing of compacted stools from your bowels. They usually contain ingredients that are designed to detoxify, heal and reduce digestive tract inflammation. The most effective and gentle way to clear waste from your colon is through the use of magnesium. Magnesium uses osmosis to increase the amount of fluid in your bowel and naturally stimulate the intestines, which allows waste to move easily through the colon to the rectum. Natural colon cleansing pills can be very effective for short-term constipation and bloating relief as they can help remove excess material that has built up in the gastrointestinal tract.


Colon Cleansing Pills Side Effects

As with any pills, colon cleansing pills can also have some side effects, especially if they aren’t taken according to the instructions. While most people will not notice any discomfort when taking colon cleansing pills, some possible side effects include:

  • Bubbling feeling in the stomach
  • Gassiness
  • Loose stools


These effects are usually mild and aren't a cause for concern. They are just a sign that your body is working hard to detoxify your digestive system. In order to minimise side effects when taking colon cleansing pills, you should try:

Maintaining proper hydration throughout the course of treatment

Take the pills before bed so they can work while your digestive system is resting overnight

Taking the pills on an empty stomach

Always follow the instructions on the bottle and take the intended dosage


Difference Between Colon Cleansing Pills And Laxatives

While colon cleansing pills and laxatives can both work to stimulate bowel movements and decrease constipation, they have a lot of differences. Over the counter laxatives generally contain synthetic ingredients (macrogol, Colace and bisacodyl) and are designed to have an immediate effect by emptying the bowels. They are generally used to treat cases of severe constipation. On the other hand, colon cleansing pills generally contain natural non-toxic ingredients that work gradually (overnight) to clean out waste and flush out toxins to improve the health of the digestive system. They can be used not only to relieve constipation but also to maintain a healthy bowel function.


Traditional laxatives cause bowel movements by irritating the colon which causes the muscles in the colon to go into a spasm (which produces stomach cramps), artificially ejecting the stool. Laxatives make the muscles in the colon 'lazy' leading to chronic constipation & a dependency which will make constipation worse.


Try Colon Cleanse Pills Instead

If you’re considering using laxatives to help with your constipation, you might like to try a gentler and more holistic approach. Overnight Cleanse pills use magnesium to stimulate bowel movements and only contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera and dimethyl sulfone (MSM), which are designed to detoxify the gastrointestinal system and reduce inflammation. These simple natural ingredients work overnight to gently cleanse your colon of both excess waste and toxins while you sleep.