Internal Healing

About Us

Overnight Cleanse is an Australian product formulated by a Functional Medicine Practitioner/Nutritionist/ Colon Hydrotherapist who has been in the Digestion and Detoxification industry for over 20 years. 

We strongly believe health starts in the gut. Currently, 50% of Australians experience gut health problems, while 1 in 5 people are affected by constipation. Although for some it is usually a temporary issue, others experience this as an ongoing problem.

Most toxins enter the body through the intestinal lining. When toxins accumulate in the body and proper elimination doesn’t occur, our health is compromised. Some subtle signs of toxic overload or a backed up colon include: constipation, gas/bloating, brain fog, low energy levels, physical aches & pain and skin issues.

Combining our passion for digestion and detoxification in 2014 we formulated the OVERNIGHT CLEANSE, a natural colon cleanser which uses the power of Magnesium, Oxygen and Aloe Vera to clean your body from the inside out.

It promotes normal digestive health, encourages strain free bowel movements, and relieves gas/bloating. There are no harsh herbal stimulants, artificial ingredients, uncomfortable cramping or bad-tasting teas or chalky, chunky drinks. It is gluten free, vegan!