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5 Signs That You Need A Colon Cleanse

5 Signs That You Need A Colon Cleanse

Our body is exposed to toxins every day and there is little we can do to avoid toxins completely. We are often unknowingly exposed to toxins from chemicals in the air, synthetic cleaning and beauty products, and additives in our food. Each of these can cause toxins to pass through our digestive system and ultimately circulate around our bodies causing harm. People are often unaware of the signs or unknowingly ignore the signs that their body needs a colon cleanse. You may have a feeling of heaviness or bloating, which is a sign that you may have a build-up of waste in your body.  This waste build-up can produce toxins that enter the bloodstream and cause health issues. Here are some signs that you need to cleanse your colon:



Constipation is a common sign that you need a colon cleanse. The common symptoms include having less frequent bowel movements, stomach pain, difficulty in passing stool, having hard and dry stool or feel that there is stool remaining after having a bowel movement. If you have any of these symptoms, it may indicate that you have a blockage in your intestine. If this is the case, toxins may enter your body through the lining of the intestine. Although it may not cause immediate harm, accumulating body toxins may risk your colon working correctly and ultimately cause long-term health issues.


Constipation may be caused by multiple factors including daily lifestyle, low-fibre diets, insufficient water or stress.  This can cause the colon to produce mucus. The mucus combined with food particles can eventually cause a gut flora imbalance.



Fatigue is frequently a sign that you could benefit from a colon cleanse. If you are getting 8 or more hours of sleep a day and still feeling fatigue, this could be the result of your body working additionally hard to remove toxic materials from your body. Toxins that originate from your intestine can circulate throughout your entire body causing fatigue. Research has shown a correlation between colon cleansing and increased energy levels. Cleansing your colon regularly can help improve your energy levels.


Weight Gain

Research has shown a connection between colon health and weight. If you are experiencing fluctuations in your weight while you’re in a calorie deficit, this may be the result of a clogged colon. A clogged colon can produce large amounts of toxins that circulate throughout your body. As your body accumulates toxins, it will begin creating more fat cells to protect itself. This can make losing weight much more difficult. Colon cleansing can help remove all body toxins and prevent the creation of more fat cells.


Skin Problems

Your skin is a clear indicator of the state of your general health. If you are feeling pale or seeing an increased amount of spots, this can be a sign that you may need a colon cleanse. These are signs that you have a build up of waste and toxins in your colon. A clogged colon can spread toxins throughout the body. These toxins can often overwhelm other organs along with your colon and cause blockages. If you are not flushing the toxins from your body through regular bowel movements, toxins may enter the bloodstream and result in dull or unhealthy looking skin. After a colon cleanse, the skin is often the first area to show improvement.


Body Scent

Even though you may have excellent hygiene habits, an accumulation of waste can result in unpleasant body odour. A gut bacteria imbalance forces the gut’s good bacteria to work harder in order to remove waste from the body. However, if the body struggles to remove all the waste, it will begin the process of releasing them through your pores. Once your colon has been cleansed, you can expect that your body will be relieved of bad odours and feel more energised.

Your body’s gut bacteria and its ability to eliminate toxins can determine your overall health. If you suffer from constipation or any of these signs, consider taking Overnight Cleanse today. Overnight Cleanse is an all-natural colon cleanser made from aloe vera, magnesium and oxygen. View our colon cleanse pills here.